I Know You Want to Be Canadian (Universal Health Care, Eh?)

In culture, Media on August 10, 2009 at 12:11 pm

Image by Daniel Paquet via Flickr

Check out this sweet, funny video, two faux Mounties singing and dancing the virtues and pleasures of being Canadian — from nos deux langues officielles to canoes, moose and free government-run health care.

Yeah, that alien notion that utterly terrifies so many Americans.

As the haters trash universal healthcare, one of Canada’s pride and joys, I hope you enjoy this 2:29 minutes of fun from the country that invented two less-controversial things utterly essential every day to millions of Americans — modern zippers (1913) and insulin (1921-22), first isolated at my alma mater, the University of Toronto.

  1. Oh those crazy canuks.

  2. I’ll say one thing about Canadians — they’ve got the hard-core, uniformed federal authoritarian-figure act down better than anyone. Ever been on a U.S.-registered boat stopped by Canadian border agents when you cross the invisible line on Lake Ontario? Let’s just say that their attitude is not one that promotes tourism. If it’s your first exposure to Canadian law enforcement, you’ll come away thinking that the New Jersey State Police are a really sweet bunch of folks.

  3. Salute when you say it, Scott! :-)

    I agree that Canadians are much less folksy and can be much sterner and more humorless when it comes to authority. I think it’s a British-ism. Canada’s history is very different from the U.S.’s as the RCMP were key to establishing it, as was the Hudson’s Bay Company, i.e. company towns, making Canadians’ traditional relationship to authority pretty different indeed.

    But let me tell you, the ICE can get mighty frosty too…I’ve crossed the Canadian-U.S. border many times by bus and train and they happily throw people off who look however suspicious to them every single time.

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