Memo To Kate Gosselin: Please, Shut Up!

In entertainment, parenting, women on October 7, 2009 at 12:36 pm
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Image by Getty Images via Daylife

I normally stay far away from pop culture. I hate the endless coverage of this appalling woman and her brood of kids.

Now — nooooooooo! — there’s some idea she may get her own talk show. (Get her a freaking hairdresser, wouldja?)

“I’ve been given the gift of gab,” she told a North Carolina newspaper, reports today’s New York Times. “Why not use it?”

Because you’re insufferable, narcissistic, whiny, fighting with your spouse via cable. You are, however, blond and Caucasian, the sort of self-righteous Mom-from-Hell people just can’t get enough of. Sorta like Pringles, the potato chip which bears almost no resemblance to a vegetable.

“They’re like magnets,” talk show co-host Joy Behar told the Times. Yeah, maybe in that horror-movie-where-the-super-powerful-magnet-pulls-you-to-your-bloody-death-into-the-whirring-table-saw.

If I had kids–  (I have none, and certainly not her photogenic eight) — I’d give this one a time-out. Forever.

  1. Ms. Kelly,

    Perhaps you are the wrong person to ask but if Ms. Gosselin gets a talk show will there not be more people with talk show than without?

  2. I desperately wish someone would put Jon and Kate out of OUR misery.

  3. David, good point. But in a zero-sum game, there also may be zero said…

  4. Crazy as it sounds, I have a friend who is gung-ho about donning the crazy Kate wig and toting aroud a slew of baby dolls to be her for Halloween. Last I heard, her fiance may also be roped into the matching Jon getup (i.e. wearing Ed Hardy and ignoring her all night). If you can’t bet ‘em … lampoon the crap out of them?

  5. Ouch! Talk about payback for televised TMI. Works for me….But there are soooooo many choices in that category, no?

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