I Want a Chick Wall!

Four cigars of different brands (from top: H.
Image via Wikipedia

Have you heard about the Man Wall? Yeah, baby!

For $15,000, this Florida-made entertainment center, includes a live sports ticker, four TVs, two cigar humidors, a 32-bottle wine rack, a microwave oven and refrigerated beer tap. (What, no strippers?)

I have to admit I like the idea of containing a pile ‘o guystuff into a tidy, space-saving unit that only takes up one wall. In our small apartment, my sweetie has a growing stack of baseball caps that, soon, will topple onto the floor. If it has a logo, he will buy it. This, he argues, is only payback for the (I am hasty and haphazard about putting things away) heavy and breakable jars, cans and bottles that routinely fall out of our fridge and kitchen cabinets, sometimes hitting him on the head or splashing all over the floor.

So, a chick wall, devoted exclusively to the things that make me, and maybe a bunch of my girlfriends, really, really happy. Hmmmm…

How about:  a really good flea market, an excellent pedicurist, a Saks shoe sale at 80 percent off with a bizarre total absence of competitors reaching for the same size in the same style, blood orange Berthillon ice cream, a news ticker (watching the stock market is way too depressing), a G & T dispenser, a Canadian candy section and Pierre, the ever-accommodating chef who’ll whip up whatever delicacies we feel like that very minute.

Sadly, confining all my desires to one wall remains unlikely. Maybe it’s a chick thing.

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