Ba-Boom! Free AK-47 with Truck Offered in Missouri

AK-47 Assault Rifle
Image by via Flickr

Mark Muller is giving away a voucher for a $450 AK-47 to anyone who buys a truck from his car dealership in Butler, MO.

Muller even freaked out Robin Lustig, who’s been hosting BBC Newshour for 20 years, today, prompting a flood of “No, we’re not all like that” emails from horrified fellow Americans listening, as I was, from within the U.S.

“Americans love guns,”  Muller told Lustig. “All of them?” Lustig asked calmly. “Except for the Commies,” said Muller.

All terrific theater, except for those whose lives have been ripped apart by gun violence. Muller’s main argument, in a 4:56 minute (i.e. really long) CNN interview, was the need to defend your home against invasion by murderers. He lives on a 1,200-acre ranch in a part of the country now ravaged by meth dealers, a subject explored in a recent, raved-about book focusing on a small Iowa town.

Murderers will likely never burst through your door, so Muller just sounds like a paranoid freak to many people.

Except when it does happen, as it did in Beulah, FL last week to Melanie and Byrd Billings. Thus the enduring appeal, to one constituency whose faith in personal firearms deeply horrifies many others, of an AK-47 semi-automatic for home protection.

One thought on “Ba-Boom! Free AK-47 with Truck Offered in Missouri

  1. Jason Bardi

    Having grown up in Missouri, I can hardly resist this one. The story didn’t surprise me at all. To say Missouri has a gun culture is an understatement. I can say without a doubt that I was probably the only kid I knew who never fired a weapon growing up. When I was in high school, I had friends who would keep their guns out in their room, lying on the floor — loaded!

    After I moved away from Missouri, I lived for a couple of years in Scotland. There I knew a half-blind rock drummer who had become a gardener. He used to look at me with his one good eye, squint, scowl, and spit poison. “You Americans are only good for three things,” he would say. “Guns, god, and get-up-and-go.”

    Missouri has all three in spades.

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