What Did You Wear To Work Today?

silky's new latex suit
Image by Markusram via Flickr

I was dropping off my sweetie at the train station this morning when I saw a man who appeared to be having difficulties with his tail. He had enormous, tanned biceps, one with a huge tattoo, corn-rowed blond hair and looked a little embarrassed to be wrestling with his blue nylon safety harness in full view of all those commuters-in-suits. He’s one of a crew repairing the train station roof and his harness, we jokingly agreed, is the most important thing he’ll wear today.

As I drove away, wearing the T-shirt and leggings that are too often the uniform of the stay-at-home writer, I saw a woman sashaying down the hill in a black T-shirt and a gorgeous emerald-green skirt with silver spangles lining the hem.

What are you wearing at work today? Is it what you’d prefer?

6 thoughts on “What Did You Wear To Work Today?

  1. Did you get his number for me? Sounds like an Extreme Self waiting to be written up!

    I’ve been told by many people that my dress code is bordering on “not work appropriate”. I wear my New Balance shoes everywhere (I need to protect my precious runner’s feet!), and usually wear the same pair of knee length shorts and some variation on an American Apparel t-shirt. I also think bras are lame. I don’t actually own one that isn’t prefaced by the word “sports”. (Sorry for the overshare).

    Honestly, I’m still torn up by the sad truth that people judge you on your outfit choice. If I could wear running shorts and t-shirts to work, I would – but I guess that’s a “no no” in these here parts. I’m sure I’ll eventually go buy some khaki pants or something – but I’m 23, so I plead youthful ignorance for a few more years.

  2. Caitlin Kelly

    Darlin’, I wish I had. I did offer to help him untangle all those straps….:-)

    Bras are lame for certain sizes, otherwise they’re a total cantilevering necessity. Underwire is a very, very good thing for many women.

    I wore running shorts and a T-shirt to my pedicure yesterday and Helena, who always looks really elegant, asked “Going casual today?” but nicely. Um, this is what I normally wear. My mom has warned me that you have to keep wearing something with a fixed waistband as wearing nothing but stretchy exercise gear with all that Spandex can still make you look smaller as you keep expanding…

  3. thomasmedlicott

    My wife and daughter started teaching school August 10 – they had to trade in their shorts and running shoes for “classroom attire.” They are both beautiful so it didn’t matter. I hit the studio in shorts and a t-shirt – March through October here in SoCal. I might have had a pair of pants on three times this spring and summer. As I get older, it occurs to me that I should be a little more formal – pants at least – when meeting with clients for art glass commissions. Sorry, it just feels to damn good. TJM

  4. Caitlin Kelly

    Trousers are generally a safe choice, Tom! I dress up for client meetings every time. I’d rather be safe than sorry.

  5. ksihra

    Thai fisher pants, tank top and flip flops… not looking forward to exiting the life of a grad student when that’s no longer appropriate, but as long as i can get away with it, i’ll do it…

    but it is interesting to notice the different reactions you get from people when you’re dressed up and when you’re dressed down. walking into holts is always an interesting adventure in thai fisher pants!

  6. Caitlin Kelly

    Thai fisher pants? Do tell! As I posted a while back, I always go into the toughest meetings wearing navy blue. Calms me down and makes me feel I can handle anything.

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