What Does Your Lanyard Say?

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In the old days, this is what a lanyard looked like, something official that bespoke clearly-recognized authority — a lifeguard, an umpire, a coach. These days, seems like everyone everywhere is wearing one, usually with the identity of their employer stamped on it, or maybe an expensive conference they’re attending.  Schools and colleges are using them. I get it, it’s nice to feel like you belong, to show you’re a member of some cool clan. You can also feel a little left-out these days if you don’t walk around with someone’s name and logo hanging around your neck.

One British town has started using them to foil purse and wallet-snatchers. Here are some gorgeous beaded ones.

But still. As we head into the Labor Day weekend in the worst recession in decades, I wonder what all the rest of should be wearing, if anything — you know, the 1/3 of the workforce that is self-employed, permalance, temp, contract workers. Let alone the millions of us now unemployed or underemployed. Here’s a place to print up your new public identity.

How about:

“Give me a job!”  “Will work free for a shot at a new career!”   “For this, I went to law school?”

“Heading into foreclosure. Need a room-mate, stat!” “Happily self-employed”      “Brand-new MBA!”    “Fluent in four languages!”     “When can I start?”

If you were printing one up for yourself, professionally or personally, what would yours say?

2 thoughts on “What Does Your Lanyard Say?

  1. birdsprout

    Thanks for the shout out! You are totally right. I gave a few lanyards to my fellow co-workers and now I can’t keep up with demand! It is so much fun to hear, “I like the chain, butterflies, and black and pink” and make someone a lanyard that makes them feel like they are wearing jewelry instead of a boring black lanyard. The bonus is I love making custom pieces and get to voice my creativity in an unusual way!!

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