Love The Borzoi. The Cape, Fur Gauntlets and Pointy Little Moustache, Not So Much

Image via Wikipedia

OK, these images are not for me. If you’re male, they’re aimed at you — today’s New York Times Style Magazine, is all about men’s fall fashion. Are men, truly, into this sort of object fetishization?

The magazine’s editors, this issue, suggest you drop $27,350 for a rose gold Rolex chronometer (that’s a watch to most people) or — yessiree — $748 fur gauntlets by Philip Sparks, a 27-year-old Canadian whose bio website photo is appropriately moody, blurred and black and white. Fur gauntlets? Wearable where exactly? Frobisher Bay? Then there’s a gray flannel tux, $865 faux-leopard-fur sneakers and — I really do love this piece of clothing — a bright teal toggle coat at $600.

There’s a spread urging men to fashion themselves on patriot, poet, dandy and war hero Gabriele d’Annunzio. I sort of like that touchingly catholic menu — I know fairly few patriot-dandies — but the whole twirled, waxed moustache thing? Not so much. The borzois in that layout are magnificent, the breed trotted out every time someone wants to signal rareified esthetic taste. I thought women’s fashion magazines were slightly nuts in the mixed messages they keep sending us (recession fashion! $2,500 shoes!)

Good to know that men, and the magazine editors who love them, face just as many confusing choices.

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