Octopus, Ravioli, Chocolate Cake: The World's Best Foods And Where to Eat Them

[Display of home-canned food] (LOC)
Image by The Library of Congress via Flickr

If you’re fortunate, you’ve enjoyed a meal, a food or a drink whose memory is so sensual and transcendent you never forget when or where you tasted it. Mine include: a pisco sour at Carlin, a restaurant in Lima, Peru; a dish of tiny, hot sausages, baguette with unsalted butter and a cold glass of Muscadet in Concarneau, France; the pork tacos at Toloache, in Manhattan; the spaghetti carbonara at Morandi, in Manhattan, Berthillon’s blood orange sorbet in Paris; street food in Bangkok.

Today’s Guardian offers a list of the world’s 50 best foods and where you must go to enjoy them at their best. Their list includes chocolate cake from Pierre Herme, Paris, the curry at Karim’s in Delhi, the ravioli at Manhattan’s Babbo and the tomato juice at Happy Girl Kitchen in San Francisco.

What would make your list?

4 thoughts on “Octopus, Ravioli, Chocolate Cake: The World's Best Foods And Where to Eat Them

  1. Todd Essig

    Top of the list is crab salad made with fresh picked crab from Perry Long’s lobster shack on Newbury Neck and fresh mayo from Gravelwood Farm on Morgan Bay Rd — both in Surry ME.

  2. The best meal I ever had, oddly enough, was likewise in Lima, Peru, at La Mar, the world’s greatest ceviche restaurant. The pisco sours were out of this world and the ceviche was sublime. But there was more, so much more, sushi, sashimi, potatoes paired with seafood and, now that I think of it, I really need to get back to Lima.

    One of my other favorite meals was moules en frites in Montreal, accompanied by a local microbrew beer which was a buckwheat beer not available outside of Quebec.

    Todd, the best lobster I ever had was one I pulled out of the sea myself while spending the afternoon on a lobster boat. After we docked, we walked to my friend’s apartment 10 minutes away and cooked the lobster. 10 years later, I still dream of that lobster.

    1. Todd Essig

      Well Jody, I don’t know you, but anyone who still dreams of a meal she hunted/gathered and prepared herself after 10 years is on my short-list of best friends .. how fun!

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