Lifting The Veil On Afghanistan's Women

Image by the_moog via Flickr

As a woman and a reporter, I’m forever fascinated by how other women live around the world and deeply envy those female reporters who travel as foreign correspondents. One of my former employers, The Globe and Mail, Canada’s national daily, is running a detailed multi-media series, with photos, interviews and profiles of Afghan women. It also includes the backstory, from six female reporters, of what it’s like to work there for a Western woman. Who knew they don’t sell tampons?

Check out their powerful intimate look at the women of Kandahar.

2 thoughts on “Lifting The Veil On Afghanistan's Women

  1. Nick Obourn


    Thanks for pointing this out. I always listen to NPR in the morning and between all the amazing names of the correspondents, I am always happy that many of them are women reporting from far flung places.

  2. Caitlin Kelly

    Thanks Nick. One of the keys to getting great stories about women, certainly in places where local women are very tightly managed, is often sending a woman reporter, which can give us physical access and emotional access more easily than for men. In cultures where local women are forbidden access to/by men outside their families, it’s the only way to work.

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