Where Do You Want To Go (Next?)

Beach sunset in Cuba.
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This photo is taken in Cuba. My Dad, (who like me has a Canadian passport so we could visit easily enough), keeps trying to get me to go cycling there with him. He’s 80, went a few years back, loved it. I admit, though, it’s not highest on my list, but I do still share his insatiable lust for travel. My mom traveled the world alone for many years and savors memories I still dream of acquiring. She saw the Buddhist statues in Bamiyan, Afghanistan before the Taliban blew them to smithereens and has touched down in Nauru. She taught me to wedge a chair beneath my doorhandle when staying in a dodgy hotel, just in case. When I was in college and she roamed the globe, I’d see her once a year, imported to wherever she was then — Fiji, Cartagena, Peru, Costa Rica.

When I was two, Mom and Dad took the backseat out of their car and drove from Vancouver, my birthplace, to Mexico, a country I’ve lived in, been to many times and love. No wonder I’m happiest on the road!

Today’s New York Times includes in their travel magazine the news that many travelers, with tighter budgets and perhaps craving the familiar in rough times, are returning to old stand-bys like London or Tuscany. As someone whose shelves bulge with travel books and guides, whose Times Atlas, passport and green card are some of my most precious possessions, I spend a lot of time dreaming of the next trip. I’ll be going to Atlanta in three weeks for three days, for a board meeting, a new-to-me city. After that, Toronto (hometown) for Christmas, then Tucson and New Mexico for vacation in January.

When I have more income and time, I’ll head for some more places on my list: Argentina and Patagonia; the South Sea Islands, Jordan and Lebanon; Norway, Finland, Iceland, Estonia; Morocco; The Magdalen Islands and Gros Morne National Park. My sweetie, a Buddhist, is desperate to get to Tibet and would love to see Ireland (which I’ve been to, luckily, four times.) I won’t return (sorry if these are your faves) to: Austin, (the Times raves about it, again, today) Salt Lake City, Orlando, Cabo San Lucas.

My top 10, so far: the tiny northern town of Mae Hong Son, Thailand; the island of Ko Phi Phi, Thailand; Galway City; Paris; London; Peru; Corsica; Tunisia [Tunis’ Bardo Museum has one of the world’s best mosaic collections]; Istanbul, Stockholm.

Where do you want to go next? What are some of your favorite places and why?

3 thoughts on “Where Do You Want To Go (Next?)

  1. thomasmedlicott

    You live close to one of my favorites, New York City. Sadly, I have not traveled at all. I feel like I’m a 2 on a one to ten where have you been scale. California has great places to go however, and we travel here quite a bit. The southern California beaches are an hour away and we go often and then enjoy the beach towns and their restaurants. Santa Barbara is a world-class destination and we stay at the Montecito Inn built by Charlie Chaplin in the early 1920’s three or four times a year. My IPhone weather app has New York City, Kihei Hawaii, Siena Italy, Barcelona Spain, and San Francisco. I can at least tell you the approximate weather in Spain. Tom Medlicott

  2. libtree09

    Goa…one of ten wild beaches left in the world…almost made it when I found myself in Bollywood at christmas…then was struck down by some strange bug and spent a week with high fever…always wanted to go back.

  3. Caitlin Kelly

    Tom, I love Santa Barbara, where my great-aunt lived for years; I’ve been to Siena, Barcelona and San Francisco, also favorites, although top 10 is tough to crack.

    Not having the responsibilities of kids and a sweetie with 5+ weeks’ paid vacation a year helps a lot to get us out exploring. I can think of few things more pleasurable to spend money on than the lasting memories/photos/souvenirs of trips taken. And a year’s journalism fellowship that paid us (!) to travel and report all across Europe helped a lot.

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