237 Reasons Women Have Sex. Love? Yeah, That Too

woman in sexy fishnet stockings
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Tanya Gold, in today’s Guardian, interviews the authors of a new book about why women have sex, based on 1,006 interviews with women around the world by Cindy Meston and David Buss, two psychologists.

For any woman who hasn’t been living in a cave for the past few decades, this won’t come as a huge shock. Women shag — and seek out and hang into shaggable men — for a lot of reasons, not all of them as cuddly or charming as some might hope.

Turns out — imagine! — that some women just like having lots and lots and lots of orgasms. Sex (with the right partner, of course) just feels so damn good.

“People just assumed the answer was obvious,” Meston says. “To feel good. Nobody has really talked about how women can use sex for all sorts of resources.” She rattles off a list and as she says it, I realize I knew it all along: “promotion, money, drugs, bartering, for revenge, to get back at a partner who has cheated on them. To make themselves feel good. To make their partners feel bad.” Women, she says, “can use sex at every stage of the relationship, from luring a man into the relationship, to try and keep a man so he is fulfilled and doesn’t stray. Duty. Using sex to get rid of him or to make him jealous.”

“We never ever expected it to be so diverse,” she says. “From the altruistic to the borderline evil.” Evil? “Wanting to give someone a sexually transmitted infection,” she explains.”

Hope this morning’s quickie was good for you, too!

3 thoughts on “237 Reasons Women Have Sex. Love? Yeah, That Too

  1. oldsalt1942

    Here’s a test for men to prove that sex is better for women than it is for men…The next time your ear itches stick you finger in it and wiggle it around real good. When you take it out which feels better — your finger or your ear?

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