New Tampax Ad With Serena Williams Slams Every Woman's Annoyance

In business, women on September 29, 2009 at 11:52 am
Serena Williams after beating Dinara Safina on...

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Every woman who’s ever had her period show up at exactly the wrong moment — at the beach, on your honeymoon, wearing those gorgeous brand new $40 panties, during a job interview, on a canoe trip (ugh!) — can laugh along with a great new ad for Tampax featuring Serena Williams battling a tiny woman, Mother Nature, in a suit bearing a “gift” in a red box. Yup, her period.

I love the funny, frank, playful way this ad addresses what every woman knows can be an uncomfortable or  embarrassing annoyance. Not your period, but not being ready for it. I love Mother Nature, in her suit, as “Aunt Flo”, that tired old name we gave our periods in…Grade Six? I love the confrontation between a powerful athlete and the inevitable, healthy fact of a monthly menstrual flow.

Women are cool, tough, powerful. And get their periods. Check out this funny new ad for Tampax.

  1. This is easily the best tampon ad ever.

  2. Says a guy. Cool!

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