Housework Rules! Maid Stars In New Documentary

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Image by lonelanternsociety via Flickr

Finally — a film that acknowledges reality! Today’s Wall Street Journal features a story by architecture critic Ada Louise Huxtable about a famous house known for its cutting edge design. Whatever. Who cleans, dusts, polishes and sweeps it? The housekeeper, Guadelupe Aecdo, is the star of a new film about the house, built by star architect Rem Koolhaas, introduced  — surrounded by her tools — to the strains of Stauss.

Props to the cleaner. Cool!

Guys, if you want to get lucky, pick up a damn broom. Here’s an international study that finds men in more egalitarian nations, i.e. guys who clean the bathroom or do dishes, have happier relationships. You bet they do, as I might be the only woman I know who actually enjoys doing housework. I started today scrubbing the tub then moved onto ironing (yes, even sheets and pillowcases), while my sweetie does all the laundry (I do loathe laundry.)

I like housework because: it’s physical; gets me away from the computer; produces instant results; I work at home so dirt, dust and clutter are in my face 24/7 if I don’t do something about them; it’s easy and won’t wreck my weekends if I knock off 30-45 minutes of it a day. I don’t have the lost daily time of a commute, and my sweetie does, so this seems fair enough to me. Without the additional needs of pets, kids or a large home, it’s a lot easier, I know than for others. I’m also blessed with a small space without additional road or air pollution, a very tidy partner and lots of outside storage lockers.

If you hate housework, as many people do, here’s a friendly and helpful list to help you get organized.

3 thoughts on “Housework Rules! Maid Stars In New Documentary

  1. I like to do what I call “pseudo-housework”…anything that makes my home look cleaner on a superficial level. Dishes out of the sink, clothes in the closet instead of on the floor, etc.

    My husband is very big on germ-free living, and when he moved in he was initially impressed with my cleanliness…and then horrified when he shoved aside the couch to find a year’s worth of bottle caps, pens and hair elastics.

    Now we have a deal where I do the small stuff in exchange for a monthly “Peter Clean” that involves actually moving furniture around and even reorganizing a bookshelf or two. Hey, whatever works!

  2. LeeAnn Maton

    My strategy for housework: surrounding myself with semi-germophobes who like to clean. Everybody wins! For example, my roommate loves the feeling of stepping into a clean bathroom that only bleaching down every surface once a week can bring. And who am I to deny her that joy?

    Realistically, though, it is all about divide and conquer. Should we ever live together, my sweetie and I have already agreed that he’ll do dishes (which he doesn’t mind and I abhor) and I’ll do laundry (which he can’t stand but I love because it’s one of the few chores that allow you to watch TV while performing it). Is it too much to hope my roommate will still drop by to clean the bathroom?

  3. Caitlin Kelly

    Thanks for sharing these “techniques”. If you can somehow find a way that your home isn’t gross, you don’t fight all the time over who cleaned what and you still have time for fun, you’ve done OK.

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