A Perfect Fall Saturday Afternoon

Foggy river
Image by Phil Romans via Flickr

A strong G & T (gin and tonic, for those who are not yet devotees), the Ipod on shuffle (from Handel’s Messiah to Blue Rodeo), reading all my old shelter magazines (sob, RIP Domino), designing the new kitchen (we’ll get there, somehow) staring up the rainy, foggy Hudson.


5 thoughts on “A Perfect Fall Saturday Afternoon

  1. thomasmedlicott

    My brother & family live in West Sand Lake, NY. They lived for years in Troy, where employment was scarce and wonderful old buildings were too expensive to renovate and therefore became decaying symbols of Troy’s prosperous industrial past. It sounds like good “writer’s” country. I was raised upstate, near Watertown, until I was fourteen and we moved to Colorado Springs. Amazon is delivering two new books for me this week. The Santa Ana’s are blowing through SoCal, fire hazards are up, but the weather is cool and clear at night – good reading weather. Good luck on the kitchen – the most expensive room in a house to remodel – ours is serviceable, nice appliances, but in need. Tom Medlicott

  2. Colin Horgan

    “After the Rain” has always been a favorite. Lyrics are slightly heavy on the treacly sentiment, but generally, a good tune.

  3. Caitlin Kelly

    Thanks for sharing. Followed by a perfect Sunday afternoon — a long walk on the Rockefeller estate, saying hello to blue herons, piglets, chickens, cows and geese.

  4. I had my “farewell” to summer G&T a few days ago … in autumn I switch Maker’s Mark Manhattans (since they’re the color of turning leaves) and winter Dry Fly Gin martinis (since they’re the color of ice). Don’t ask me why my beverages of choice are seasonal, but turns out they are! Champagne is year-round, as are red/white wine Prefer French rose’ in the summer. Salud!

  5. Caitlin Kelly

    Sue, this is delicious! Have you tried Lillet? It’s my second-favorite now. I admit to martinis being a rare year-round third…

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