New Kit Helps Women Fake Virginity On Their Wedding Night

A Bride, her beau, a bouquet and a bevy of bokeh
Image by eyesplash Mikul via Flickr

Want to pretend you’re a virgin on your wedding night? Here’s the solution. Thanks to this kit, manufactured in Japan and distributed by a Chinese firm, for $30 you can now pretend your husband really is the first. You insert the solution, which looks and feels like the blood typically resulting from a torn hymen, and he’ll never know the difference.

For women in some cultures, being a virgin on your wedding night is a matter of life or death, as any dishonor  — such as having been sexually active before marriage — reflects poorly on her family. No feminist can stomach the notion that her body belongs to anyone but her, so this level of deception strikes me as nauseating. But I don’t live, and didn’t marry, in a culture that might have killed me if I weren’t “pure” on my wedding night.

There aren’t many stories that leave me at a loss for words, but this one comes close.

One thought on “New Kit Helps Women Fake Virginity On Their Wedding Night

  1. thomasmedlicott

    I was going to take a pass commenting on this story. We have a girl my wife and I care about very much who has been romantically involved with our youngest son. She and her family are from Pakistan. If they knew she was seeing an American it would be devastating even though both young people are 25. Her family would prefer an arranged marriage within their culture. She loves our family because we are, basically, loving and accepting people who have lived through a maelstrom of family and child-rearing drama. Remember the arranged marriage in the movie “Monsoon Wedding?” I can’t blame the manufacturer of this disgusting device but I am in distain of cultures that label their women “impure” because of previous sexual relationships. Tom Medlicott

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