Men, Talking About Their Feelings?

Winged Heart Couched Embroidery
Image by peregrine blue via Flickr

Real men don’t share their feelings. Or do they? Globe and Mail writer Micah Toub, whose book about being the son of two therapists is out in 2010, thinks guys might be more into therapy if it were couched in guy terms, like coaching and action.

OK, dudes, your relationship is down for the count, on the ropes. Maybe you’re taking too many mulligans (see do-over) or do-overs (see mulligan). Be direct. Tell her how you really feel. Girls hate dekes! If you really want to win her heart, no bunts! We’re looking for a gamer. And, while some of us enjoy a little incidental contact, no one wants to be your slump-buster. Personally, I love a guy who can handle an audible. If you really need our attention, freeze the puck.

You slept with her room-mate? Not sure there’s a hail-Mary pass for that.

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