On-Line Dating Looks Easy. It's Not.

The On-Line Handbook
Image by Tom T .

Pick screen name. Write witty and alluring profile. Post 10-year-old photo of you thinner/with hair. “Forget” you’re married or have kids. Dating on-line is easy, right?

As if.

As someone who met her sweetie on-line, back when online dating was deeply declasse 10 years ago — while (of course) researching a story for a women’s magazine — I’ve seen the ugly reality of what guys on-line (and women) turn into when detached from the computer. All BS all the time. Luckily, I was pretty straightforward, then as now (“Catch Me If You Can” read my profile headline) and he wasn’t, thank God, a liar or married.

Bizarrely enough, we worked for the same paper, he staff, me freelance, and would never have met otherwise. So I’m a fan of on-line dating and its possibilities.

Here are six ways you can totally blow it. Read ’em and learn.

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