Date My Dad!

Toronto Eaton Centre, the largest shopping mal...
Toronto's Eaton Center; meet him here for coffee! Image via Wikipedia

There are moments you’re never quite ready for. Giving your Dad dating advice — after two years’ mourning his late wife after a 40-year marriage — is one of those. He’s with us in New York this week recovering from a not-great first foray back into the social fray. He’s not a bridge/golf/club kind of guy, and actually a little shy despite having had a wildly interesting life — from corresponding with Aldous Huxley to directing a grizzly bear — so we think he should try on-line dating.

So we’re planning to: 1) take a gorgeous photo (my sweetie is a professional photographer) 2) carefully write and edit a profile for him 3) advise him on the basics (meet in public, coffee only at first) 4) troll some women’s ads to see who’s out there already. He lives in Toronto, but has also lived in England, Ireland, Mexico and France and is always up for adventure — eager now to go cycling in Cuba (workable with a Canadian or non-U.S. passport.)

Here’s the basics, if anyone’s interested: award-winning former film-maker, world traveler (including Syria, Jordan, Japan, Brazil, Bolivia), athletic (rides his bike daily), makes a great tagine, skilled artist (etching, engraving, oils, silver). Passionate about sailing and antiques. He’s 75+ but reads a high-energy 60. Funny, fun, good company. Yeah, we’re a little biased, but we’d like to see him find a terrific partner.

What do you think? Has your silver-haired Mom or Dad tried on-line dating? How did it work out?

4 thoughts on “Date My Dad!

  1. April Peveteaux

    Awww! You’re a fantastic champion for your dad. I wish I knew a nice lady in Toronto – he’s clearly a catch.

    We’ve talked with my mother-in-law about online dating. She’s been a widow for three years now and is thinking about getting out there again. She’s a bit younger than your dad and is enthusiastic about the idea – but has yet to take the necessary steps. I can’t imagine what it must be like for men and women married most of their life to date again, much less via the interweb.

    If she weren’t in California I’d send her your dad’s way 🙂

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