Promising Toronto Folksinger Taylor Mitchell, 19 — Killed By Coyotes

Image via Wikipedia

A 19-year-old Toronto singer was attacked and killed by two coyotes while hiking alone this week in a provincial park in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, reports The Globe and Mail.

“This wouldn’t even be considered a yearly event,” said Germaine LeMoine, a spokeswoman for Parks Canada, which oversees the seven-kilometre trail in Cape Breton Highlands National Park. “It’s extremely rare in the history of the park.”

Taylor Mitchell had just begun her career, already working with some of Canada’s top performers.

“Colin Linden, a veteran Canadian roots performer and producer who works with Nashville artists, was similarly struck after Ms. Mitchell opened for him at an intimate show Sept. 10 at a small venue in Pickering, Ont. It was their first and only meeting.

“She was really talented, she was really smart and she was a really good-hearted person,” Mr. Linden said from Winnipeg. “I thought she was one of those people who was going to be a lifer, a musician for a long, long time.”

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