'Itching To Get Back In The Policy Fray' — The FT Lunches With Eliot Spitzer

Eliot Spitzer
Image by Center for American Progress via Flickr

Not many people are especially eager to lunch with Eliot Spitzer, but the Financial Times, in its weekly interview column, this week chose to sit down with him in London where he is to headline the World Council’s 10th. International Conference on Corporate Governance on “Realigning the moral compass of the boardroom.”

Says Brooke Masters, his biographer and interviewer here: “Some of the self-righteousness…has gone, replaced by a bit more tolerance of human frailty...As we talk, it becomes clear that Spitzer is itching to get back in the policy fray. He is fiercely interested in the debate raging on both sides of the Atlantic on how governments can avoid having to rescue the biggest banks when they get into trouble…’Banking should be boring,’ he says. ‘When banking isn’t boring, you’re asking for trouble long-term. The razzle-dazzle stuff is great but leave it to people who have raised their equity differently, who don’t go to the government.”

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