What Rhymes With 'Fill 'Er Up?' Britain's First Service Station Gets Its Own Musical

He stopped by, too....Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Fifty years ago, Watford Gap became Britain’s first 24-hour service station. It sits on the M1, a 193-mile highway now seen as the dividing line between north and south England. It became a popular late-night spot for touring musicians like Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, who ate there.

Now, there’s a musical celebrating it, involving local amateur singers and local BBC Radio.

Toby Friedner, Assistant Editor, BBC Northampton, says: “Who needs Carousel when you’ve got Watford Gap – The Musical! This is the biggest and most exciting project that BBC Northampton has been involved in for years.

“We hope thousands of local people will join us in supporting it with their memories of Watford Gap and their involvement in the musical itself. This unique project will celebrate what has become an iconic place in the county, in a creative and exciting way.”

Kind of makes you appreciate Cinnabon in a whole new way…

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