What's On Your Desk? Where Do You Work?

ckdesk There’s a funny TV ad campaign for Capital One, “What’s In Your Wallet?” As someone who works alone at home, whose “desk” is a fabric-covered table in the living-room, I’m always curious where and how other people do their work. I need the space to spread out my papers, including the floor, and I have a huge picture window to my left offering lots of north light and a view straight up the Hudson River. Sometimes a hawk swoops by and geese routinely honk past in a big V.

Here’s my workspace:

1) the photo above the desk is a fun image taken by the Hartford Courant about five or six years ago of my sweetie and me for a story I wrote for them about us

2) the little black and white bear, all 1 and 3/4 inches of him, has been a tiny and comforting companion since boarding school when he used to sit in the hymnal rack and stave off the boredom of yet another church service

3) the photos on the computer are a ticket to the Ex, a Toronto summer institution, a photo of a beaver and a great pic of Julie Payette, a Canadian astronuat who recently was the only woman working in the space station. I love her thick braid tucked into her spacesuit. Women go everywhere!

4) an old-fashioned girl who loves paper and good stationery, my pink leather Filofax keeps me organized;

5) water. I get cranky if I get dehydrated;

6) bills. Ugh!;

7) a book whose author I hope to interview;

8) an 80-year-old ceramic jam jar from Paris I use for flowers — I always need Paris and flowers somewhere near me;

9) notes for story ideas;

10) a pile of places I plan to pitch those ideas to;

11) Oremi, by Angelique Kidjo, the CD popping out of the Mac.

I wonder about my fellow True Slanters’ workspaces — PJ in Kabul, Emily in Hong Kong, Lisa in NJ.

Tell me about yours…

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