Old(er) Women And Sex — With Or Without A Partner

Lamplit bedroom
Wherever works...Image by *Susie* via Flickr

Congrats to California writer Joan Price, whose website, which focuses on older women and sexuality, has just been named one of the top 100 sex bloggers. She’s a fellow member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, (on whose board I serve), a recent widow, and a fearless writer on sex and sexuality for women over 50. Yes, women over 50 have sex.

Recent blog posts include her rave review, with color photos, of the Snow Bunny, a sex toy – “no cervix battering!” — and a new book of women’s erotica. Typical of Joan, who’s as openly sensitive above the shoulders as below the waist, she also blogged recently about the loss of her beloved husband, Robert whom she met while line-dancing.

She’s now working on a new book, Naked At Our Age, and seeks people to interview who are ages 50 to 80 and currently celibate, whether happily so or not.

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