Wrinkles?! Turns Out Babies Aren't So Perfect After All. Get The Airbrush!

In Media, parenting, photography on November 18, 2009 at 3:46 pm
Sleep Like A Baby

Image by peasap via Flickr

That baby is a mess! All those wrinkles…

Turns out baby photos are routinely airbrushed in magazine photos to make them look better. Some parents think this is just business as usual. Others are freaked out, and wonder when the airbrushed, Photoshopping insanity will stop.

Isn’t smooth, flawless flesh pretty much babies’ brand? It’s one reason people are so nuts about infants in the first place — because they’re  so soft and cuddly, their velvety skin untarnished yet by the ravages of anxiety or pollution or age or drinking or smoking or too much sun and not enough sunscreen. If a baby isn’t perfect, we’re all toast.

As long it isn’t projectile vomiting, how bad can a healthy baby look?

  1. A lot of babies have acne. My friend and I joke all the time that some moms probably get their babies Proactiv to make them look a little better.

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