The White House Gate-Crashers Need To Get A Life — And Bravo Needs To Smarten Up

The White House (Washington DC)
Not just another reality TV location...Image by ~MVI~ via Flickr

It’s hard to find the words — bad news if you’re a journo — to express my visceral disgust with the morons, Tareq and Michaele Salahi, who thought the White House’s first state dinner would make a great backdrop for their bid to get onto a Bravo reality TV show.  The pair, who seem to have an insatiable appetite for attention, blustered their way into the White House and posted photos of themselves with Vice-President Biden, and others, on Facebook.

She’s skinny, blond and wore a red sari. Would she have even made it in without the trophy wife look and the snotty attitude to go with it?

Beyond the heads likely rolling at the Secret Service for the security breach that allowed them in, what’s it going to take for this insanity to stop? Do you really hunger deeply for yet another reality TV show about skinny-rich-vapid-overspenders? Or do you admire their chutzpah?

The idea that a state dinner at the White House — like some Hawaiian beach or Tuscan terrace — is just one more scenic backdrop for a pair of social-climbing assholes who want to be on TV is so deeply offensive to me. In their world, Narcissists-‘R-Us, it’s just another pretty room filled with people in fancy clothes useful as a rung on their aspirational ladder, a piece of stage scenery, even as the President of the United States welcomed Manmohan Singh, prime minister of India, a nation with whom  good political and economic relations actually matter.

And why, exactly, does being “famous” mean so much to these people? If you’re broke and it might bring you wealth, it’s a tempting means to an end.

If you’re “just” addicted to attention, you need a shrink. And you really need to get a life.

3 thoughts on “The White House Gate-Crashers Need To Get A Life — And Bravo Needs To Smarten Up

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  2. fleetlee

    Sad that these morons are getting more national attention than the Prime Minister of India- just where are our priorities as a Country that is leading the world.

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