The World's Ten Ugliest Buildings. Is One In Your City?

In art, design on November 29, 2009 at 9:26 pm
ROM Crystal - Daniel Libeskind, architect

Image by Randy OHC via Flickr

Where are the world’s ugliest buildings? One of them’s in my hometown, Toronto, according to the second annual list from

The Royal Ontario Museum added the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal, opening in June 2007, a totally incongruous Daniel Liebeskind designed addition to one of the city’s loveliest buildings, built in 1914 of sandstone. Now its aluminum and glass shards protrude from the north end of the ROM, North America’s fifth largest museum.

Which monstrosity gets your vote?

  1. FINALLY! The experts confirm what I’ve been saying for years: that Michael Lee-Chin Crystal is a monumental disgrace. I lived a block away from there when I was in Toronto, and I swear to god, the light reflecting off it used to keep me up at night. And it is truly ugly.

  2. That’s the joy of someone with a REALLY big check. Taste? Who cares?

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