Tiger, Eliot, Mark….Please, In Every Way, Just Zip It!

Tiger Woods
Hole in one, eh? Image via Wikipedia

Sigh. Another “confession” of transgression. What are we now, the new confessional?

It’s really simple, gentlemen. Zip it, and keep it zipped, whether above or below the waist. I, for one, do not wish to hear about it!

Your wives are, by all public accounts, carefully chosen, likely pre-nuptially well-vetted and exemplary: thin, pretty, smart, accomplished, patient with the endless demands of your work/travel/ego. They produce a couple of decent kids and raise them for you. Yeah, they get a nice lifestyle out of it, but as anyone who’s ever been married to a man-who-becomes-a-wallet/adulterer can tell you, it ain’t enough.

If your man is straying from the life he willingly chose and took vows to create, he’s a fool and a dog and he’s damn lucky you even let him back into the house — let alone smash in his Escalade to rescue his sorry ass in his own driveway.

You gotta love the pathetic irony of these guys who, arguably, chase and win it all: fame, fortune, a lovely wife/home/kids/career. Then blow it.

Go home, stay quiet, figure it out.

2 thoughts on “Tiger, Eliot, Mark….Please, In Every Way, Just Zip It!

  1. deidre

    Brava! I think adultery is a choice. No one is saying that temptation doesn’t exist for everyone but it’s also possible always to say no. In Tiger’s case I wonder if in some way this isn’t a response to being the good player, good son etc. all his life, a response to too much discipline? A little young for a mid-life crisis perhaps.

    Worse than the excessively wordy and ever-so-slightly morally superior statement on his website is the tape of the message he left on the mistress’s cellphone, the classic “uh,oh” phone call of the caught-out husband.

  2. Caitlin Kelly

    I interviewed his Dad, Earl, who had an enormous influence on Tiger, and was a ferocious disciplinarian. I agree that maybe he felt it was time to be a “bad boy” — for a change.

    But it still likely hurt, if true, his wife. If you love your husband and trust him, it’s always ugly.

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