So, This Unearned Check Arrived For $2,666.67. What Happened Next…

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If only it were mine! Image by AFP/Getty Images via Daylife

Imagine! Two weeks ago, a check arrived, made out to me, at my address, for the sum of $2,666.67. It was from a major consumer magazine from a Glossy Mag publisher we all know.

Problem was, I hadn’t written anything for that magazine, or that publisher, in about a decade.

Maybe it was a re-sale and this was my cut? Could be. I’ve gotten unexpected checks from other contracted re-uses of my material, and the odd number sounded like that might be the case. That’s a lot of dough in our house, and maybe many homes these days.

The company, of course, won’t let you actually speak to anyone in accounts payable; only by email. So, for the past few weeks, I’ve been tugging on their sleeve asking repeatedly who paid this to me and what for and why? I knew it wasn’t mine. Of course, I wanted to keep it. Lord, that’s a lot of money.

Today I found out who to send the check back to and why, possibly I got it in error — I’m not (sob) the only freelance writer with my name writing for this company. News to me.

Guys, how about a fruit basket for my determined Boy Scout-ness?

What would you have done?

2 thoughts on “So, This Unearned Check Arrived For $2,666.67. What Happened Next…

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  2. Marc Flores

    I would have done the same: harass and ask and e-mail until I found out who/what it was for. The last thing I’d want is to have spent it all on, say, 2,000 cheeseburgers just to have the issuer call me and say, “Oops. We accidentally sent you a hefty check. We’re gonna need that money back.” They wouldn’t be too pleased if I said, “I ate it.”

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