Home, Home On The Range — The Gun Range, Tomorrow

Cover of "Blown Away: American Women and ...
Cover of Blown Away: American Women and Guns

If anyone reading this is looking for a fun afternoon, I’m in Jersey City tomorrow from noon onwards at 174 Danforth Avenue, signing and selling my book, “Blown Away: American Women and Guns” to celebrate the opening of a new gun range, The New Jersey Firearms Academy.

To get some idea how handguns work while writing my book, I trained with several different facilities, from the Smith & Wesson Academy in Springfield, MA to FBI headquarters in Quantico. I also spent an afternoon at NJFA with its director, Latief Dickerson. He’s a good guy and it made for one interesting afternoon when I and my sassy young editor, Lauren McKenna, headed out there together.

Given that 25 Manhattan publishers passed on the book — a dispassionate look at a complex subject — Lauren’s decision to acquire it showed guts, as much as coming out to the range with me that day.

3 thoughts on “Home, Home On The Range — The Gun Range, Tomorrow

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  2. Blown Away is a great read. Coming from an old Brady Campaign kid like me that should be a double recommendation; your stories are worth every woman’s attention, and guys too. Hope you have a fine time, and sell a bunch!

  3. Caitlin Kelly

    Wow, Fran. Good to hear that…I sold a few books, but the larger goal is always to meet more readers, and potential readers, face to face. The only money maker from this book right now is speaking engagements and those only happen if people meet you face to face and decide you might be someone worth listening to in person.

    I enjoyed, as I always do, the conversations and the diversity of people I met, including some cool women.

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