Chocoholic Fun: Filmed Today By The BBC

Cadbury Dairy Milk packaging
Image by renaissancechambara via Flickr

The things a blog post can lead to! Cadbury, as some of you may know, is facing a potential bidding war between Hershey and Kraft soon to take over the venerable British confectionery firm. I blogged about this recently so today was filmed — shriek! — talking about the deal for BBC, to be shown in Bristol, where Cadbury is located. My voice, husky right now with a tenacious cold, is apparently going to be used in BBC radio reports.

It was odd fun. We filmed the piece at Tea & Sympathy, a great candy and tea shop on Greenwich Avenue in Manhattan, with the proprietor, Nikky Perry, a woman my age who’s a hoot. For someone who loves really good chocolate, being surrounded by boxes of Maltesers and Crunchies was heaven, even if I had to be lucid, for multiple takes, about business. Nikky made me a good strong cuppa’ (tea) which I sipped between takes and we shot several angles of me pretending to buy a Crunchie, a bar of infinite deliciousness.

Her British husband dropped by, wearing a wool sweater whose entire front panel, neck to waist, was a huge Union Jack. Loved it.

I lived in England ages 2-5, then moved to Toronto, where British traditions still reigned and some, today, still do. We drink a lot of tea, make it in a large china teapot and put on top of that pot a woolen or cotton object that looks like a hat — a tea cosy — to keep the pot warm. Nikky’s shop had Christmas crackers (the kind with toys inside) and handmade tea cosies and even a mosaic portrait of Queen Elizabeth — who I met in 1984 while covering her visit to Canada.

On a bitterly cold Manhattan morning, what fun!

3 thoughts on “Chocoholic Fun: Filmed Today By The BBC

  1. pahill

    Slight correction Caitlin. Cadbury is based in Bournville, a suburb of Birmingham. It has no links with Bristol. (Just seen your interview on BBC1’s local news programme in the West Midlands region of the UK.)

  2. ctickell

    I enjoyed the chocaholic news story aired in England. Thanks for doing that! I am a Brit who has spent several years in the States. I find Hershey’s chocolate tastes like plastic. What joy then to discover Cadbury’s available. However, when tasted, it just wasn’t the same: there was a certain… plasticky taste to it. No surprise to read the label and find “Made by Hershey’s”…
    I think that Cadbury’s is a real British tradition. We have grown up with it. It’s part of the fabric of British society! Whoever buys the company, please keep the chocolate Cadbury-good.

  3. Caitlin Kelly

    Thanks, pahill.

    ctickell, it’s interesting watching the bidding war heating up over Cadbury. Maybe you can get the lady at Tea & Sympathy in New York to ship you some proper British Cadbury’s?

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