Hide Your Macbook In…A Fake Leather Book

In business, Media on February 9, 2010 at 7:47 am
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Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Talk about a Trojan horse. Now you can disguise your valuable, steal-able Macbook within something that no one would really want — an old-fashioned dead-trees paper book!

The covers, $79, are individually crafted to look like some worn and weathered tome pulled from the private library of a stately pile in Gloucestershire or Tuscany.

I love my iMac, and if I get a Macbook, I would definitely want to protect my investment and its contents.

But using a book-as-decoy to protect the means with which some of us are still actually producing books — the old-fashioned kind, printed and bound and sold in stores and, we hope, added to library shelves both public and private, in addition to their every possible electronic iteration — seems a little sad.

  1. Given the dimensions of the Macbook, that fake book cover is going to have a large trim — so you’ll look like you’re running around with an old atlas or some other reference book. I’m sure someone will want a fake Harry-Potter-themed cover (slipcase?).

  2. Exactly. But how depressing that a reference book is seen to have so little inherent value.

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