Seven Inches At 5:00 PM; Snow Report From NY

Went out for a walk today at 4:30 in my town north of New York.

The afternoon began with more excitement than I’d planned after I stepped out onto my terrace to measure the snow — barefoot and in a T-shirt — and the door slammed shut and locked behind me. I live on the 6th. floor. Couldn’t get a window open to climb back in. Thank heaven my neighbor (who’s done this for me before) was home, let me climb across her balcony and got the super’s extra keys to my front door.

The snow is gorgeous, as long as you’re not shoveling it or driving in it. Smells: woodsmoke, a skunk. Sounds: a crow, the clank and rattle of the snowplows, the streets otherwise empty of traffic. Sights: a little girl making a snowman, teens sledding the hill at the nearby school, trees bent low under the snow’s weight. Now the wind is howling. Thank heaven home is warm and dry.

Here are two of my photos.



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