I Am Olympic'ed Out! No More Whiners (Hello, Plushenko) Or On-Podium Air Guitar (Yes, Shaun White)

WANAKA, NEW ZEALAND - AUGUST 26:  Shaun White ...
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I’m done. One more week to go. Feh.

No more Bob Costas — nestled so deep into that plush armchair of his he looks like Pee Wee Herman, no more weepy/fist-pumping athletes (it’s binary, kids, you will win or you will lose,) no more tight close-ups of athletes and their coaches indulging in last-minute whatevers.

I’ve loved what I’ve seen. As someone who’s competed at the national level and who knows a few Olympians, (and one who missed making his team by one spot), I get it. I deeply value and believe in the challenge, joy, pain and tremendous focus it takes to achieve Olympic-level athletic excellence. Today’s Wall Street Journal profiles a bob-sledder who lost his home due to the financial strain of getting to the 2010 Games.

The hype, the lack of helpful commentary or insight on most of it, is leaving me disengaged and bored right now.

If I have to watch 14 men skate their 5-minute programs [or however long it is] how about something as basic as — what music did they choose? How hard would it be to sub-title it or announce at the beginning what each of them has chosen to skate to? I recognized some of the warhorses, the theme from ‘Out of Africa’ and the much-beloved Concierto de Aranjuez by Rodrigo. But stuff like that is much more relatable and interesting to me, and I bet to thousands of other non figure-skaters, than “OMG, he blew the triple salchow!” muttered for the umpteenth time by Scott Hamilton.

I found the Lycasek-Plushenko drama tedious and rude. The American won. He beat a gold medalist without a quadruple jump. Get over it! Pardon the mixed metaphor, but this is inside baseball, endless petty bickering over points of style and content that very, very few spectators even give a damn about.

Nor was I impressed by Shaun White playing air guitar on the podium. Ho-hum, another gold medal. Rude. You’re 24, dude, not 14.

So, tonight, it’s back to Netflix for me. What about you?

14 thoughts on “I Am Olympic'ed Out! No More Whiners (Hello, Plushenko) Or On-Podium Air Guitar (Yes, Shaun White)

  1. Caitlin Kelly

    Women’s sabre fencing; we were the first group of women (in the 1990s) to take the sport to the national level. The American women (yay!) took gold, silver and bronze in that weapon/sport at the last Olympics.

  2. inmyhumbleopinion

    Don’t you mean commercials interrupted occasionally by the Winter Olympics? The coverage (if you can call it that) has been pretty abominable.

  3. Caitlin you Sir need to stop criticizing our best and most talented athletes like Shaun White. Who do you think you are miss bull dyke? Let him do his dance and air guitar and enjoy what he does. If not for his own personal talent you would not be privy to watch him win the Gold!
    Are you jealous of him? Can we not let people do what they do anymore? Do we have to submit to your own personal view of what is acceptable? Who do you think you are>? Hello>? Whatever bitch……

  4. Lewis DVorkin

    I totally agree. My wife and I boycotted last night and will likely continue to do so.
    Frankly, I now realize the merits of the cold war. We need an enemy.

  5. Caitlin Kelly

    Thanks, Lewis. It’s a shame, because I want to want to watch it….But it all feels too repetitious and predictable. I’d much rather see more and longer profiles of some of the athletes than standard coverage, which is what we get now. The NYT and WSJ have done some great stories making the athletes more real as people.

  6. scottchaffee

    While I enjoy watching old white guys slathered in cheesy makeup, wearing clothes from my grandfather’s closet and commenting on sports they clearly know nothing about, I can’t help thinking that NBC’s coverage is about as lame as it gets. Where is the energy of the X games?

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