Fashion Advice From A 13-Year-Old?

In Fashion on February 21, 2010 at 9:00 am
Front (Sixth Avenue) entrance of Spring 2009 N...

New York Fashion Week. Image via Wikipedia

Of course you’ve heard of Tavi Gevinson, darling!

How many tweens have their own Wikipedia entry already — for blogging about fashion since they were 11? Not to mention she’s a muse (before puberty?) for Rodarte, one of the edgier fashion labels out there.

She appeared, of  course, at New York Fashion Week, which just ended, her hair (why, dear?) dyed an odd shade of pale blue-gray, the color of hypothermic skin. She lives in a Chicago suburb, but has been profiled in major publications from the Los Angeles Times to Vogue.

But, hey, her blog gets 1.5 million hits a month. Nice work if you can get it!

  1. I think it’s perfect. All the designers appear to favor pre-pubescent female forms; she must be their muse.

  2. Meh. Muse this!

  3. Usually I would be appalled, but I’m rather inspired. An eleven year old taking initiative and moving forward in something she loves? Yes! Go Tavi!

  4. Bonnie, I’m all for girl power — but focused on fashion?

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