Valium, A Walker And A Midnight ER Visit

Taking a friend to the ER No. 5
Image by {Guerrilla Futures | Jason Tester} via Flickr

You know, you should really never say anything out loud that might tempt the fates.

I was up at my local community hospital 10 minutes north for my routine mammo last week, and joked with a friend working at the front desk as a volunteer about the sexy, new high-tech ER they recently unveiled. “I wonder when I’ll see it,” I laughed.


Last night at midnight, unable to move, stand or walk without excruciating  lower back pain — tried to lift something banal, too heavy — it was time to visit. Private exam rooms! Beautiful frosted glass at the check-in desk, staff who, (I hate to say I love a hospital but I do really like this hospital) always introduce themselves to you by name. It was nice as a hospital can be, and once more made me deeply grateful my partner has good insurance and had been able to keep the job that provides it.

Now I’m doped to the gills so will try to keep posting, as lucidly and often as my fuzzy little brain allows.

I have to travel to Connecticut tomorrow for a New York Times assignment with a firm and fixed deadline, and a paycheck we need.

Maybe I’ll take my walker. That’s my kind of reporting…

One thought on “Valium, A Walker And A Midnight ER Visit

  1. cyrano

    Being a follower of your writing I am almost certain you are made of stern stuff. Here’s a wish for your speedy recovery and further professional success. Give ’em hell Caitlin Kelly!

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