We Kicked Your (Hockey) Butt! The Rare Canadian Pleasure Of Actually Being Noticed

In sports on February 28, 2010 at 6:04 pm

Live in the U.S. as a Canadian and you/we so often remain invisible.

Even our entire nation seems to be off the radar most of the time.

Not anymore!

For me, the cool thing wasn’t the total medal count. It’s not the dangerous track and the awful luger’s death or Joanie Rochette’s astonishing grace (and bronze).

It’s just…being noticed.

Canadians, whatever the 2010 Games’ glitches and disasters, are about to slide once more off the world stage. We’re probably OK with that.

In fact, probably relieved. Much as some nations thrive on attention and celebrity, others find the whole idea of constant gaze and criticism and analysis about as much fun as gum surgery.

But, for now, woo-hoo!

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  1. Ah ha, now you talk, I was wondering where you were for the womens (ahem!) gold medal match, well OK Caitlin, you won fair and square, shoot! 🙂

  2. Well, you know, we generally like to hang back a bit and see where it all lands before getting too cocky…I am extremely proud of all the Canadians, men and women, of course.

    I am thrilled we did so well, I must say.

  3. Well, I was we gringos will just have to hoist a Molson’s and drink a toast to you all you hosers from a to zed, eh?

  4. I think I had too many Molsons during the game!
    Let me try that again —–

    Well, I guess we gringos will just have to hoist a Molson’s and drink a toast to all you hosers from a to zed, eh?

    That’s better.

  5. I was actually drinking (gasp) Sam Adams, but also enjoyed watching my American sweetie root for his team from the same sofa. One of us had to be a gracious loser.

    It was one hell of a game.

  6. I can hardly wait until 2014 when I can watch this activity “hockey” once again!

  7. I still hope to take it up myself — my orthopedic surgeon is the team doctor for the NY Rangers, so I’ll at least be in good hands.

    • As an old field hockey right wing, I can tell you the Ashland High girls (and we were mostly toughies from surrounding farms who beat up on the society school teams, only others playing hockey at the time) never played like that. If I were you I’d put the surgeon on retainer before you take to the rink.

  8. hockey sucks, almost as much as soccer…
    hee hee hee
    (don’t get mad, baseball sucks too…)
    ho ho ho
    maybe if hockey had less rugby scrums and more scoring, it could be interesting…
    ha ha ha
    the stupid rules which slow down gameplay (‘icing’, they got that right, freezes the game) which PENALIZE good defensive play and STOP a ‘fast break’ from even getting started… weird…
    imagine if basketball were played like that… b-o-r-i-n-g…
    ak ak ak
    maybe you should read david zirin’s (always) excellent writing about the noble canadians who vowed to ‘own the podium’, even if it killed their adversaries…
    (at the progressive website)
    true story…
    art guerrilla
    aka ann archy

    • ArtGuerilla, thanks for the introduction to Dave Zirin and The Progressive: a trove of great stuff.

      I’ve thought for about a decade now that the Olympic Games most closely resemble the royal progresses of Good Queen Bess, visits by whom were initially highly coveted by the noblemen but eventually came to be dreaded as extravagantly costly, overwrought and tedious affairs.

  9. Uhmm, good for you. Really, that’s…. oh I can’t be snarky cause I love me the Canadian.
    Well done, see you in 4 years. hahahhaah

  10. Hey, whatever the sport, loving a Canadian is a wise choice.

  11. ah, *another* ‘progressive’ CENSOR…
    hee hee hee
    goshies, it would *SEEM* that CENSORSHIP is antithetical to ANYONE who believes in free speech, thanks for showing your true stripes…
    ho ho ho
    *AND* about a stupid fucking game at that…
    ha ha ha
    pwogs are a joke: you can’t even live your OWN IDEALS in a backwater blog of little account concerning a subject of zero account…
    ak ak ak
    another day, another faux progressive exposed…
    …and so it goes
    (don’t worry, i won’t wee-wee in your widdle sandbox anymore…)
    art guerrilla
    aka ann archy

  12. ag, time to adjust the meds, don’t you think?

  13. Congratulations – not only did you win, but you made the U.S. the underdogs. I’m not sure I’ve had that feeling since 1980.

  14. Congrats to Canada. But, really, the men’s gold-medal game yesterday? That was an NHL All-Star game, and it played out like one. Those guys go back to million-dollar contracts today.

    Canada’s women’s hockey team? They deserve every gulp of Molson they took on the ice after their gold-winning game, because they’re much closer to the Olympic ideal. They and all the other women’s hockey teams go back to league and club play today, and jobs and motherhood and everything they have to do to get ice time.

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