Deking Out The Greedy SOBs Disney And Dolan — How We Are Watching The Oscars

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In utter last-minute desperation, we called our relatives in Ohio — who are not being held hostage by the insane greed of Cablevision versus ABC that is denying coverage of this event to millions of residents of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

You losers. You greedy )(*&^%#@@ losers.

They’ve hooked up their laptop in front of their TV in Ohio — and we’re watching the Oscars on their TV by Gmail.

Thanks, Ruth and Brian!

Whatever it takes.

4 thoughts on “Deking Out The Greedy SOBs Disney And Dolan — How We Are Watching The Oscars

      1. john

        I’m happy to read you received signal this morning, but I still think it’s great you found a way to get what you wanted in real time, even if you did have to go through a few hoops to do it. That’s probably a little glimpse of the future. One of these days content providers are going to simply start streaming in real time too, and when they do content delivery wont be such a pain.

  1. Caitlin Kelly

    It was such a odd but practical solution — my partner’s — to find someone we knew living FAR away from the death-grips of (*^%$#@ Cablevision who we also know well enough to beg for that sort of last-minute help. It was also really fun because we were sort of in the room with them, out there in Ohio, sharing the event.

    I am getting really fed up of how our lives are run by these mega-corps who don’t give a rip about their profits and effects on anyone but their shareholders — oh, wouldn’t some of them be us?

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