I Want My Rejections On Paper — That Way, I Have Something To Crumple and Toss

Not today, darlin'...Image by AMagill via Flickr

I didn’t think I’d get it, but damn. Found out today — online! of course! — my application for a grant to help fund my book didn’t make the cut.

As they say, (they are right) — rejection is, to even consistently income-producing writers, like blood to a surgeon —  a messy, unpleasant and necessary part of almost every workday.

I clicked a tab to be told my application last October was “unsuccessful.” You know a ton of others got the same message, too. It doesn’t help.


Humph. Not to to be taken literally, mind you, not to heart. Not to dwell on. Not to obsess on. Right?

I really so much preferred the old rejections — I think this is the third time this group has dissed my app — thanks to the delicious, predictable and utterly useless revenge of taking their envelope and falsely chirpy letter and crushing it into a miserable little ball. Then throwing it, hard, at whatever surface seems most right — the mirror, the computer, the wall.

Feh. Back to work.

5 thoughts on “I Want My Rejections On Paper — That Way, I Have Something To Crumple and Toss

  1. dalina

    I feel ya. I’ve received three rejections this week — all emails — two of which said “Dear applicant.” I know to them I’m just another of the many journalists looking to catch a break, but a little recognition would be nice.

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  3. Delorfinde

    Paper is way more fun like that 😀 When someone’s written you something mean, at least you can have the satisfaction of shredding it.

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