'Chicken Pills' — Jamaican Women Take Them To Get Bigger Butts; New NPR Series Looks At Girls And Women Worldwide

map of eastern jamaica
Jamaica. Big butts welcome! Image by Edu-Tourist via Flickr

Someone, somewhere loves a good, strong, curvy woman’s butt. Sure isn’t my neighborhood…

The Kitchen Sisters — two women, Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva — have produced this series, The Hidden World of Girls, which began airing this week on NPR’s “All Things Considered.”

How cool and refreshing to hear a Jamaican lilt on stodgy old NPR, and the story is wild — women who take pills used to fatten poultry in the hopes their own butts will get curvy and alluring to Jamaican men. Women in Jamaica, we’re told, are prized for having a shape like a Coca-Cola bottle.

Hate women taking pills to get sexy. Love hearing a story I’ve never heard before from a nation we almost never hear anything about.

The irony is that girls, and women — rant alert — are, in many cultures, not terribly hidden, unless in purdah or full chadors. We live in plain sight of journalists and writers and bloggers, but it takes a keen eye, a persuasive resume and skills, and some serious street cred to get important, quirky, offbeat and important stories told.

Women are fed a steady diet by most mainstream media (whose advertisers insist on jamming us into a tight, narrow bandwidth of what defines female interest[s] and value[s])  — much like factory farmed chickens, come to think of it — of diet/exercise/cooking/looking pretty/buying the right clothes, shoes, make-up/sex tips/parenting.

Blablablablablabla. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

I am excited to hear the rest of this series — and they’re looking for more stories.

Call them. in D.C., at 202-408-9576 with yours!

3 thoughts on “'Chicken Pills' — Jamaican Women Take Them To Get Bigger Butts; New NPR Series Looks At Girls And Women Worldwide

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  2. privilegeofparenting

    I loved this piece and what it was about, Googled it and found you—so hello.

    I know what you mean about getting important stories told too, having toiled in Hollywood before turning shrink… and still struggling to get my story told—which is that parents don’t need no stinkin’ parenting experts.

    Still we all need to wake up and be consious, as this great NPR piece does with good tunes to boot, or is it booty.

    Either way, you gotta love it each week day.

  3. Caitlin Kelly

    p.o.p, great that you discovered this post and enjoyed it. I am a huge fan of radio; it’s my favorite medium and I was so excited to hear this story — I’ve been to Jamaica so it also felt real for me.

    There are so many stories to be told…the challenge is finding people to tell them and tell them well. Having a blog allows me, which is a big thing, to share with T/S readers some stories I find compelling and tell some of my own.

    Hope you’ll come by again!

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