Jessica Simpson Naked — Now That's Real News

Jessica Simpson always knows how to have a goo...
Image by thefuturistics via Flickr

Her face, people.

On the May cover of Marie-Claire. It’s Big News now if anyone even vaguely famous is willing to be photographed without make-up and re-touching.

Writes editor Joanna Coles:

“We were thrilled when she answered the call to appear on our May cover with no makeup and no digital fiddling, and we’re very proud of that. Now that everyone Photoshops their Facebook profiles, we’ve practically forgotten what ‘natural beauty’ really means. Jessica looks fabulous!”

And she does.

Natural, un-manipulated. What a concept.

6 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Naked — Now That's Real News

  1. Caitlin Kelly

    Good to know…so “natural” has become somewhat of a meaningless term? She is a relatively very young woman, and it’s sad and scary to me that she has already felt the the need to alter her nose and lips. Her most striking feature, to me, are her eyes and the shape of her face, which are harder to mess with. But, give it time.

  2. inmyhumbleopinion

    It’s encouraging to see a women’s fashion mag take a risk like this and kudos to Simpson for being brave enough to be the poster child. I wonder if there isn’t some deeper social context for this experiment? Has the plastic surgery and botox pendulum swung so far that a backlash is brewing? Have women who are more educated and earning their own money decided that being conventionally beautiful to catch a man is less important (especially in light of the divorce rate and technology–not necessary to be married for financial security or for reproduction)? Does fashion seem so frivolous right now in light of all the problems we face today? Or is it simply a gimmick to sell more mags at the newsstand? Don’t know the answer, but I’d love to hear from someone like Naomi Wolf on this one…

  3. Caitlin Kelly

    I agree with your larger point, imho. But what BS world we’re in now that appearing, as a young, lovely woman without digital manipulation and a ton of cosmetics is “risky”.

    If you’re choosing between affording groceries and rent or Botox and new boobs, seems (?) clear which will win, so the recession may have, even temporarily, crimped this sort of vanity insanity.

    I’m not opposed to makeup, but endless rounds of cosmetic surgery, Restylane, etc. creates a death spiral where even women in their 20s or 30s have — OMG — some lines, wrinkles and imperfections they feel compelled to “fix.”

    I think a pretty frock or pair of shoes or earrings, if you can afford them, is still a fun pleasure mid-recession. We all need to have some enjoyment.

    I hope this decision to be “natural” continues, but I highly doubt it will. Actresses are considered brave to show themselves in anything but artificial light and presentation — so Halle Berry, Kate Winslet and Charlize Theron, to name three who have done this, win my vote.

    1. inmyhumbleopinion

      Totally agree. Wonder how many of Marie Claire’s cosmetics advertisers were told about the cover before it went to print. 🙂

  4. Caitlin Kelly

    Too funny. Good question.

    Years ago I wrote one of the first investigative stories about how cosmetics are tested (were then) on animals — gross and scary. The editor of the women’s mag who assigned it had to fight HARD for it to run, and we still had to trim it not to scare off their huge advertisers.

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