Captain Kirk For Governor-General? 30,000 Facebook Fans Say Beam Him Up!

Governor General of Canada, Michaëlle Jean in ...
Michaelle Jean, current GG. Image via Wikipedia

If Ah-nuld can become the Governator and Ronald Reagan move from Hollywood to the White House, why not William Shatner?

For all of you unaware of the role of GG, that man or woman — currently Michaelle Jean, whose five-year term is soon to expire — s/he is the Queen’s representative in Canada. It’s largely a ceremonial role, but an important one nonetheless, if only for its non-partisan flavor. The GG gets to live in elegant Rideau Hall, aka Government House, one of Ottawa’s most popular tourist sites.

Now there’s a movement to beam Shatner into Government House, reports the Toronto Star:

William Shatner, Canada’s next Governor General? Why not? Worse and weirder things have happened.

The Trekkie faithful are a uniquely persistent and proactive lobby group, having pulled the venerable sci-fi franchise back from the brink on more than one occasion. But if anyone on Earth (or beyond) can elevate TV’s hammiest starship captain — and crime-fighting cop, and eccentric attorney, and ironic recording artist, and ubiquitous advertising shill — to ceremonial political office, it’s them.

The fan campaign to have the Montreal-born Star Trek star succeed current GG, Michaëlle Jean — whose own “five-year mission” is almost over — continues to gather momentum on the Internet, doubling up over the weekend with more than 30,000 registering their approval on the designated Facebook page.

Comparable Facebook petitions for email-in candidates Leonard Cohen and Preston Manning have thus far registered 6,500 and 500, respectively.

From Wikpedia’s long and detailed explanation of the GG’s role:

The Governor General alone is also constitutionally mandated to summon parliament. Beyond that, the viceroy carries out the other conventional parliamentary duties in the sovereign’s absence, including reading the Speech From the Throne, and proroguing and dissolving parliament. The Governor General also grants Royal Assent in the Queen’s name; legally, he or she has three options: grant Royal Assent (making the bill law), withhold Royal Assent (vetoing the bill), or reserve the bill for the signification of the Queen’s pleasure (allowing the sovereign to personally grant or withhold assent).[54] If the Governor General withholds the Queen’s assent, the sovereign may within two years disallow the bill, thereby annulling the law in question. No modern Canadian viceroy has denied Royal Assent to a bill. Provincial viceroys, however, are able to reserve Royal Assent to provincial bills for the Governor General; this clause was last invoked in 1961 by the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan.[55]

I sort of like this idea. (Last summer, I wrote a fun story for the Toronto Star about the gorgeous hand-made plates crafted by Ontario potter Bill Reddick for Rideau Hall, which Obama ate off when he visited Canada last year.)

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