Foxy Bohemian Seeks…Anyone? Glamour Magazine Teams Up With

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The one sure thing about on-line dating is what a crazy, weird, overwhelming search it can be. Now Glamour magazine is “extending its brand”  to create Glamour Matchmaker, with, reports The Wall Street Journal:

The courtship was smooth. Glamour magazine approached dating site and within weeks they were readying the launch of Glamour Matchmaker, a dating service featuring men selected by the magazine’s staff from the sea of singles on

It was a good fit, the two sides say—70% of visitors to are single or divorced…

Glamour Matchmaker was hatched by Glamour’s business staff as a way to get a firmer hold over the roughly three million women who visit every month.

When Glamour approached’s business development team, the dating site’s executives saw an avenue to legions of affluent, single women with men on their minds, says Match general manager Mandy Ginsberg.

When women log onto’s Glamour Matchmaker page (tagline: “And you thought your mother was picky”), they’ll find selected candidates organized by personality types created by Glamour staff, like “foxy bohemian” and “adventure seeker.”

Glamour staffers will decide on personality types and pre-set qualifications for each, then use’s sorting technology to funnel men already on to the site. Foxy bohemians, for example, would have jobs in the arts, though executives from Glamour and Match are still hashing out the details before the site’s launch, planned for mid-July.

The funniest part of trying to find that needle in the haystack – aka love – on-line, is the endless looking and sorting. I met the sweetie on-line, reduced to an adjectival string: Mexican-Navajo-Buddhist-Republican-golfer. How could I possibly resist? (No, he’s not very Republican.)

If we had been truthful, I think we would have ended up in the bin marked “Eccentric Workaholics” or “Francophiles With Issues.” Or “Overworked and Underpaid” — that’s a big category and probably overfilled.

It’s next to impossible to sum yourself up in a tidy phrase, so maybe it’s for the best if the ladies over at Glamour do the sorting. Now, if they can weed out all the liars…

3 thoughts on “Foxy Bohemian Seeks…Anyone? Glamour Magazine Teams Up With

  1. citifieddoug

    My one and only singles ad, written around 1991: “Itinerant farmhand seeks banker’s wife for short-term relationship. No photo necessary.”

    I can only wonder how my life might have gone differently if I’d just had the postage to send it in.

  2. Caitlin Kelly

    The irony was I met my guy because I was doing a story about online dating; we would never have met otherwise.

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