En Garde! World Cup Fencing Today, Tomorrow In Brooklyn

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Hasten to the Brookyn Marriott if you want to see the coolest sport. Forget soccer!

Yes, I’m biased, having been a nationally ranked saber fencer for four years. Fencing is fast, exhausting, demanding both intellectually and physically — it’s called chess at the speed of boxing.

I took it up when I moved to New York and didn’t know anyone and didn’t have a job. Stabbing strangers with a sword seemed like a good way to settle into this most competitive of cities.

I had no idea that Manhattan is filled with some of the U.S.’s very best fencers, from bronze medalist Peter Westbrook (who once judged one of my matches) to my former coach, who teaches at NYU, former Olympian Steve Mormando. I haven’t touched my equipment in more than a decade, but I miss this amazing sport and hope to come back to it at some point. Like skiing and sailing, you can do it as long as your body holds up, and the accumulated wisdom you bring as an older fencer can defeat younger, more impatient competitors.

Here’s the website with all the details.

3 thoughts on “En Garde! World Cup Fencing Today, Tomorrow In Brooklyn

  1. Ms. Kelly,

    If I lived 3,000 miles closer I would. I was on my college fencing team as an undergraduate (foil, not saber). While I was never nationally ranked by my thought my fencing was rank. Oh well, maybe they will have it in Los Angeles one day.

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