The Sartorial Summer Challenge — Seersucker

In business, Fashion on July 7, 2010 at 11:09 pm
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Would you wear a seersucker suit?

The sweetie, who is of Mexican ancestry, has one in blue and cream, bought at Rubensteins, one of New Orleans’ oldest department stores, founded in 1924. He wears it with classic white suede bucks, cream socks, a white shirt and light-colored tie. It looks great. I love the confidence it takes to wear this classic, southern, American style.

He last wore it on June 21 to honor a venerable New York Times tradition (where he works) — seersucker day. He got some funny looks on the commuter train, but a few nods and thumbs-up.

Here’s some advice how…

  1. Kelly, every time I leave the house clothed in something other than an animal skin, it’s a little victory. I’m not even real sure what seersucker is but I imagine a puckered palmreader.

  2. I’m partial to leopardskin myself, but not the real thing. Seersucker is a sort of deliberately wrinkled fabric. I love the look of it but it’s not my style.

  3. I would generally avoid wearing clothes that take “confidence” to wear or that would earn me “funny looks.”

    And while I’m sure “sweetie” looked great, I keep hearing my late dad’s voice in my head saying, “look at the putz in the seersucker suit.”

  4. mmole, I avoid entire categories of clothing and accessory (like 6-inch heels, however trendy)that might make me look ridiculous. So I get your point.

    I think seersucker can look terrific — I think it depends on who’s wearing it and with what panache, myself.

  5. Anything light makes me look like a balloon. Anything with stripes makes me look like an old TV set that’s vertical hold has gone haywire. So … God bless your sweetie for his panache. It looks terrific on the right man.

  6. It’s not the easiest fabric to wear, for sure! Kind of like Spandex-wear for women, perhaps…

    • Saw this a few days ago, hadn’t had the chance to be helpful. I think sometimes Seersucker is best worn vintage, as it looks its best a bit crumpled and frayed and faded. As to where it’s best worn, that all has to do with context. I doubt I’d don a Seersucker suit and swan about in Savannah, Georgia. I’d look like a tryhard or a wannabe. On the other hand, a Seersucker jacket slung over the chair in a cafe in Dubrovnik, and everybody is feeling good. There are said to be rules – like the wearing of white for example – but actually it’s all wonderfully personal and subjective.

  7. My partner wore his to a meeting at a Canadian newspaper. I doubt they’d seen much seersucker in that newsroom — while, as you point out, it’s ho hum in the South.

    The Globe and Mail recently wrote about this as well — and advised wearing black (!) shoes with a seersucker suit. Crazy.

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