She Married Him For His Millions — Then Murdered Him To Get Them?

Fontainebleau Hotel - Miami Beach Florida
The Fontainebleau...Image by David Berkowitz via Flickr

Here’s a charming tale of a murder last summer in — of all places — the Rye Town Hilton, a suburban New York hotel.

The victim, Ben Novack Jr., the son of the creator of the legendary Miami hotel the Fontainebleau, who was worth some $10 million as a result. The alleged killer, his wife Narcy Novack, working in tandem with others, was pissed not only that he was stepping out on on her but that, if they divorced, she’d only get $65,000 from their pre-nuptial agreement.

He was worth a lot more dead…

2 thoughts on “She Married Him For His Millions — Then Murdered Him To Get Them?

  1. Ms. Kelly,

    For the sake of argument, let us assume that Narcy Novack did indeed kill her husband as prosecutors believe. What never ceases to amaze is that people like this believe that the get away with this hopelessly obvious crime. Murder is a crime that has one of the highest arrest and conviction rates because in most cases, the victim and the perpetrator know each other. Look for a friend or relation who had a motive and *bing*. Did she not think “Well, I would be the most likely suspect as I would gain millions” or “Wow, how could robbers enter his room without leaving any signs of forced entry?”. Yet year after year people do it.

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