I'm So Not Hemingway — New Software Compares Your Writing To That Of The Greats

Old book bindings at the Merton College library.
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For those in need of literary ego boost — a program that analyzes your writing and tells you which famous writer’s work it most resembles.

If you wanted this comparison to make you feel really great about your work, whose would you like it to resemble?

(For me, no one really.) I love many writers, but the whole point is to develop your own voice, not to sound like someone else.

(Oh, OK, I’d take Balzac.)

4 thoughts on “I'm So Not Hemingway — New Software Compares Your Writing To That Of The Greats

  1. inmyhumbleopinion

    Best novelist ever in my opinion is Mark Helprin of “Winter’s Tale” and “A Soldier of the Great War” fame. Very few people are worthy enough to be mentioned in the same breath as he. I’ve never read anyone whose work is simultaneously as poetic and economical with language, but still evokes a richness of detail and character development that is heart-stopping in its beauty. And the man also has a sense of humor, to boot. If that weren’t enough, he’s a masterful short story writer, too.

    I’m also very enamored with Barbara Kingsolver of late. Her recent “The Lacuna” and classic “Poisonwood Bible” are impressive.

  2. citifieddoug

    The first comment on that site says that the commenter ran Margaret Atwood through and got “Stephen King.” That’s pretty funny. Apparently, according to the same algorithm, I sound most like Raymond Carver. I hardly cuss.

  3. Caitlin Kelly

    Interesting. I liked Raymond Carver’s work very much.

    I love Gerald Durrell (a British writer) but know that I don’t sound like him.

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