Matchmaking Mom Launches New Site — Date My Single Kid

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This week marked the launch of, whose site offers a photo of its creator, Geri Brin, and her 31-year-old single son, Colby. He looks like a nice guy, cute.

Does he really need his Mom’s help?

From the National Post:

As the New York entrepreneur behind FabOverFifty. com, she decided to add a dating component to the website–not for her women readers, but for their sons and daughters. Unlike sites such as Lavalife or eHarmony, Date My Single Kid asks moms to upload photos of their adult children along with a brief profile; then, if another mom thinks she’s found a good match, she’ll send a message. “The goal is mom-to-mom communication,” Geri says. Date My Single Kid, which the Brins insist wasn’t created for the sole purpose of finding Colby’s future wife, went live on Tuesday. Within 48 hours, it had 200 profiles uploaded. Although many a thirtysomething guy would find it embarrassing to be set up on a date by his mother, the Brins think this system has its advantages. “Say you’re into gardening,” Colby says. “You might not think that’s cool or manly, so you leave that out; but your mom might mention it and it shows your sensitive side, and a girl might find that attractive.” Then again, mothers don’t always know best. “She casts a wider net than I maybe would,” Colby says about his mother’s broad search criteria. “Her main requirements are just age and gender.”

My family was always pretty laissez-faire when it came to my dating life. My parents, long divorced, were often far away, traveling or living many times zones distant. It wasn’t the sort of family that spent a lot of time vetting my beaux. (Might have helped.)

Only once did my Mom introduce me to a guy she’d met, an IBM salesman (yes) named Bob, from a small town in Saskatchewan. Bob had a closet filled with (yes) white shirts and dark suits and a BMW that (help me) he called his Beemer. (What can I say? It was a summer fling.) He was good-looking, smart, had a decent job. But, once we got past this approved exterior, there wasn’t a great fit. He did manage to piss off all my friends at a dinner party by calling them (accurately, but still) limousine liberals.

Has your Mom ever found you someone to date? How did it work out?

3 thoughts on “Matchmaking Mom Launches New Site — Date My Single Kid

  1. mp817

    I don’t see this as much different as what has been going on for centuries. It’s simply an online version of matchmaking.

    I agree with you, how this website makes children seem needy. It’s different when two parents talk about their single children in person, versus an online setting.

    My cousin and his wife met through my uncle and his client. If this exchange had been online, I’m not sure either child would approve.

  2. Our two new friends had a son the age of our daughter, both of whom were in college, and both of the kids had experienced failed relationships. SO we decided they should get married. We invited them to their “Prenuptial Dinner” and sent them invitations. They both came, sort of mad, and the first thing their son asked my daughter was “Do you like jazz?” and she said “No I hate it” so he said “Welll, the wedding is off.”

    Well,. they just celebrated their 41st anniversary. I’m ready to do it again. I have two handsome well-education sons who need to understand mother does know best. Their pickers are broken. One has red hair and has dark hair.

    If this is not a legitimate website, then I want to make one. It’s a great idea!

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