He Guards It With His Life — The Stanley Cup, That Is

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Talk about a fun job.

Mike Bolt, 41, a Toronto native, is one of four “keepers of the cup” — who spends his life guarding, and traveling with, the Stanley Cup.

From the Vancouver Sun:

You can touch the Cup. You can even kiss it. But you can’t hoist it over your head unless you have actually won it.

And there are places the Cup can’t go any more, like to strip joints or casinos.

In these days of instant Internet photography, a picture could be flashed around the world with the Cup next to a nude stripper. That would never do. It also can’t be used for corporate promotions, although charities are OK. Bolt has to act as a quasi-policeman, while ensuring that everyone has a good time with the Cup.

You might think Bolt has a glamorous job, traveling around the world with the hockey icon that is almost instantly recognizable even to people who wouldn’t know the Atlanta Thrashers from the Pittsburgh Penguins.

In the 11 years he has been doing Cup duty he has missed out on special occasions with friends and family, often gets little sleep and catches meals on the fly as he boards flights and travels long distances. He has no wife, no kids and no hobbies.

Asked about his life outside the job, the jovial custodian replied with a smile, “I don’t have a life.”

While on my B.C. vacation, visiting my old college friend who now lives in Kamloops, she showed me her favorite movie, the quirky and charming Canadian film, One Week, (co-produced by a high school friend of mine).

A key scene involved…the Stanley Cup.

My friend and I gaped. Was it the real Stanley Cup? Could you really get it to come and be in your movie?

Yes it was and yes they could.

I think this man has a very cool job, although this quote did give me pause:

As part of the job, he has to have the Stanley Cup within eyesight most of the time. And, yes, that means it stays in his room with him at night.

“I don’t actually curl up with it, but it actually sleeps in my room. It’s the best relationship I have had in 11 years.”

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