Nope, Not Yet, Dammit

I will not yet say goodbye.

Sentimental old fool, yes. Also — technophobic. Have to sit down and figure out how to migrate Broadside somewhere else; one T/Ser says “easy” another said, not. Don’t have time today, maybe late tonight. Definitely tomorrow because the T/S curtain goes down and who knows what happens after that?

Sort of like moving baby sea turtles.

All these damn goodbyes are killing me.

Off to the city for distraction.

6 thoughts on “Nope, Not Yet, Dammit

  1. Stephan Michaels

    What an insight reading your blog, Caitlin, into your very independent take on the subjects you tackle. I’ve enjoyed following such a strong, no bullshit writer.

    Good luck on the next one…

  2. Caitlin Kelly

    Stephan, thanks. Only can a blog somehow elevate and redeem the ranter. 🙂 Hope you’ll visit the next iteration.

  3. citifieddoug

    It’s just an au revoir or an auf wiedersehen or some such. But don’t leave without telling us how to find you. Heaven knows how many Caitlin Kellys there might be to sift through in Google.

  4. I feel like I just stepped into a bar searching for a familiar face. I’m bookmarking
    this – you know the little bar in the West Village that doesn’t have a sign? I think
    it’s on Barrow St. You take the wrong door and someone is sorting laundry – the correct
    door and you get wine and a meal – I guess they are both the right path if you’re on it.
    Tom Medlicott

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