Lights, Camera, Action! My Movie Star Moment

Woman's one-piece bathing suit, 1920s, USA
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I’m pooped! Who knew that having your photo taken could be so tiring?

One of the fun things about writing for a living is, occasionally, getting your photograph taken by seasoned professionals, people who fly to the Bahamas for shoots and snap celebrities, not just…you.

Yesterday afternoon I met the photographer, his assistant and the art director. I’d done my own hair and make-up and brought two bathing suits for them to choose from. Our location was my local YMCA.

Yup, I was to be photographed for mass viewing in a bathing suit.


Luckily, I recently bought a gorgeous new suit, a soft coppery colored ruched design that looks like something from the 1940s, and had shed about 15 pounds, so felt much more confident than I might have otherwise. But I am so not a size 0! Or 6 or 8…My left leg might be a size 6.

The shoot took three hours, much of which involved setting up and moving all sorts of accessories for the lighting, from a thin white silk scrim to soften the bounce flash to a metallic stand-alone screen to a white bedsheet. I spent most of the shoot in the pool, getting all wrinkly, demonstrating exercises, reassured that my best bits were visible, the rest semi-obscured by the water.

Then it was time to bring the gorgeous young lifeguard into the picture to pose with me. Lucky again — he’s a dear friend with whom I’ve been playing softball for years — so I felt comfortable looking into his eyes, leaning into him and joking.

I still can’t quite believe I posed in a small amount of wet clothing in front of four men. But the shoot was a lot of fun, relaxed, taught me how to manage my expressions and body from one shot to the next. It also left me with a lot more respect for models. It’s work. Staying focused for hours, taking direction and running through a wide range of poses and expressions is more tiring than you’d imagine.

“That’s a wrap!” they said.

Home for pizza.

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5 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, Action! My Movie Star Moment

  1. What about a “women’s blog” swimsuit calendar? About thirty years ago I was on the cover of the SoCal Girl Scout calendar – very esoteric. I was posed at my light table cutting glass with three or four Girl Scouts and Brownies watching me. My daughter was the Brownie. Not widely circulated but fun at the time. Wow! Great responses to your posts, especially the Julia Roberts movie. Tom Medlicott – PS – will there come a time when photos can be posted? I asked Andrea back in the T/S days and she said “they were working on it.”

  2. Um, maybe? This photo was part of a writing gig, i.e. required vs. voluntary. I suspect such an idea would too un-PC.

    Photos posted of….? We can always add our own photos to posts, as i have done occasionally.

    Do you ever read the new Forbes/TS? Not I.

    1. Hi Caitlin – yes, I liked the familiarity with the Forbes Blog – it looks a lot like T/S. I’ve read articles, commented on a few but it feels like you have to have a more of a specialist – more science, less sociology. I “befriended” Kashmir Hill from T/S on Facebook. I’m careful on Facebook, mostly relatives and friends. I’m under Tom Medlicott + Redlands, CA.

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